Davide Luciano's Awesome Artsy Potholes

Potholes, especially those filled with so much water you have no idea how deep they really are, have long been the bane of drivers around the world. Film student-turned-pothole photographer Davide Luciano ranks among the list of people who hate them, but he turned his distaste into an art form that might change your perception of them forever.

Basically, the concept got off the ground when Davide had what he calls a "sudden collision with a canyon sized crater of a pothole."

The intent is to bring attention to the pothole problem while using them as a springboard for his creativity.

Once Davide committed to doing the project, his friend and colleague Claudia Ficca helped him make it a reality, and they scoured New York, Montreal, Los Angeles, and Toronto to find the best/worst potholes they could.

Claudia helped arrange all the shots. She also moved to New York as a "food arrangement apprentice." She's a meatball arranging professional. Really.

Awesomely, none of the shots are Photoshopped. They're real props and real models, and the only thing he does in post is color adjustment.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He really, really does not like potholes.