Aston Martin Designed an 800 HP Supercar

The Gran Turismo Vision's insane collection of concept cars from the likes of BMW, Volkswagen, and Nissan just added a new family member thanks to Aston Martin's DP-100. It's a mid-engined supercar with near-lethal amounts of power and as much tech as the NASA control room. It's safe to say, if Aston Martin ever builds anything remotely like it, they'll have an instant classic on their hands. The question is, will they?

Surprisingly enough, they've already spent an enormous amount of time and money developing this digital version. It went through almost the exact same process as any other car, from a call for sketches to a series of clay models.

They even took the car over to Aston Martin's color experts, who spent weeks agonizing over various shades and hues that most people wouldn't be able to decipher, just so they could get the car to look absolutely perfect. That's an awful lot of effort if the company's plans are limited to putting the car in a video game.

It didn't stop there. The engineers then got together and designed a chassis for a mid-engined car unlike anything Aston Martin has ever produced. They took Aston's signature V12—already one of the top-sounding engines on the market—and added a couple of turbos. 800 HP. No big deal.

Are we naive? Of course, but not about this. Even the designers that worked on the project admit they "broke the rules" when dreaming this thing up. It's highly unlikely that the DP-100 will ever see production in its current form. But parts of it almost certainly will.

The signals from Aston Martin's management are more obvious than a third base coach on a deep sacrifice fly—this is more about shaping Aston's future than a pure design exercise. These awesome blade shaped tail lights, for example, will more than likely be seen again on next year's DB9 replacement.

Of course, some of the other bits might not have such an obvious future, like the headlights built into air inlets.

Listen to the designers and see how the car came together in this video.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He really, really wants Aston Martin to produce a mid-rear engined supercar to rival the old Jaguar XJ220.