Your new on-call private chauffeur

Calling a cab in ATL is like calling Tyrone: it sounds great, but then you realize the subject doesn't even exist in real life, and you're just stuck singing a sad song that's hilarious to anybody listening. Tell Erykah Badu to save that ish for Andre 3000, since now you can call Uber.With its first fleet of whips hitting ATL streets today, Uber lets you use your smartphone to summon a nicely priced, on-demand chauffeur to scoop you in a luxury vehicle (S-Class Benzes, BMW 7-Series, Escalades, etc.). Here's how it works: use the app to pinpoint yourself (or just text them your address like some loser from 2008), and you'll get a pick-up ETA (average should be 5-10mins when they're up to speed in the next two weeks), along with an alert when your ride pulls up, although you can also map-track it in real time. Uber keeps your c-card on file, then auto-charges you based on time/distance, meaning you'll never need to tip, pull out cash, or sign anything, except the bosoms of fawning gorgeous women who now assume you're extremely famous because you get chauffeured around in S-Class Benzes!!To make sure things stay pimpy, there's a post-ride rating system you should actually use, because it helps them determine which drivers are keepers and which aren't, taking into account everything from how well they know the city to whether they're not wearing deodorant -- which hopefully, like whoever Badu's dating these days, isn't all that Common.