This App Delivers A Brand New Audi To Your Door At The Push Of A Button

Audi just dropped a new app-based service called Audi on demand that's turning the Audi lineup into your personal rental car service. Simply load the app, choose the car you want, and a concierge will show up at your door with the car and toss you the keys for up to 28 days. Yes, that means you can order up a beastly R8 for a month. It's not exactly cheap, but it is pretty damn boss.

Once you've ordered your car, a concierge will drop it off at your house—or anywhere else you'd like—and go over every inch of the vehicle with you to make sure you've got a familiarity with it. After that, it's yours to do with as you please for however long you've ordered it.

Prices range from $165 per day for an Audi Allroad, up to $1,285 for an R8 Spyder.

The service is currently exclusive to San Francisco.