The Awesome Vintage Racing Livery Prints Your Wall Needs

From a guy who was a fine arts major, before totally using his degree working as a racing mechanic and building karts and formula race cars, these digital prints are an ode to racing’s glorious past that also combine the artist’s personal passion for cutting edge tech. They're all high quality giclee prints on matte white cotton, and if you've got a favorite race car, he's more than happy to take commissioned work.

Of course there's Senna. The iconic Marlborough McLaren livery always made the car look like a carton of cigarettes, but it's watching Senna's legendary driving that's really addictive. [Buy it now...]

There's quite possibly no more gorgeous American race car than the GT40, and the best possible color combination for a GT40 is the Gulf orange and blue. [Buy it now...]

Despite adorning some of the best race cars in the 1960s and 70s, McLaren's Papaya Orange has been oddly relegated to the history books in the past couple of decades. Your wall needs it. [Buy it now...]

Tobacco advertising is banned in a lot of countries, so this isn't technically the John Players Special livery made so famous on Lotus race cars of the 1970s, but it's the next best thing. [Buy it now...]

And of course, Martini might be the most classic and enduring livery of them all. The iconic stripes instantly class up any all-white car, but it's hard to picture a Porsche 917 without them. [Buy it now...]

The stripes are so versatile that Williams F1 brought them back to the Formula 1 grid this year after a three decade absence. [Buy it now...]

Okay, so maybe it's impossible to make an Alfa ugly, but Martini just goes so well on a 155 V6 TI. [Buy it now...]

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and his walls suddenly feel naked without some of these.