25 Of The Most Baller Garages On Earth

The owners of the 25 garages you're about to see aren't exactly normal. They've all made unfathomable amounts of money, and with it, purchased some of the world's most remarkable cars. And to house such remarkable cars, one does not simply build a garage. One builds a palace. 

From showcases literally made of glass to hidden vaults so discrete that anyone not living in a hollowed-out mountain would be envious, these are 25 of the most baller garages on earth.

1. Project Radius

This whole house is one big display case, built on different levels to accentuate an ocean view. [See more]

2. Vintage Ravine Residence

If looking down into your garage from your living room isn't enough, the glass floor is strong enough to drive on. [See more]

3. The Bueller House

Maserati and Architectural Digest ran a contest a few years back to see who could design the best garage. The winner was this masterpiece that basically takes the garage from Ferris Bueller, and makes an entire house out of it. [See more]

4. Psychiko House

Talk about a juxtaposition: a collection of curvy classic black Mercedes sedans live inside an angular white house with brightly contrasting comic art. Oh yeah, and it overlooks the Athens olympic park. [See more]

5. The 2-Bedroom 16-Car Garage in Washington

Anyone who builds a house that has an eight-to-one car-to-bedroom ratio is the kind of person you want to meet. And get adopted by. [See more]

6. Sierra Star Estate

This elevator not only hides a huge subterranean garage from public view, it's basically the same kind you'll find on a freaking aircraft carrier, and it'll lift a full-size RV. [See more]

7. The Floating Room House—Part 1

This house was designed to maximize space efficiency, since it's in Tokyo.

Wait for it...

The Floating Room House—Part II

So, naturally, there's an elevator that will lift whichever car the owner chooses out of the huge garage...

The Floating Room House—Part III

And deliver it directly into the living room. [See more]

8. The Ultimate Car Library

Porcelain floors and cherry wood walls are just the begging; there's plenty of compressed air for tools, an indoor lift, and power supplies by each car to always maintain their batteries. [See more]

9. The Glass Showcase

The owner of this house a) has a badass car collection (note the Gulf Ford GT in the back) and b) will undoubtedly cast the first stone. [See more]

10. The Cabana House

This entire house is centered around the pool, which naturally has a stunning view of these topless exotics. [See more]

11. The Maserati Palace

This is just the first floor of a guest house. [See more]

12. The First LEED Gold-Certified Residence in San Diego

If you've spent that much to be good to the environment,  you can drive whatever the hell you want, guilt-free. [See more]

13. The London Basement

This house has so many levels you'd mistake it for an art gallery. The one exhibition that matters is spinning on a pedestal in what is technically a basement. [See more]

14. The Streamliner

Heads up, this gets confusing: This house is in Australia, designed to emulate Detroit's Motown, the British Invasion, and vintage Hollywood art deco style, all while matching perfectly to the garage's star centerpiece, a perfectly restored 1955...refrigerator?!? [See more]

15. The Ultimate Colorado Estate

Vault is a company that specializes in making some of the finest garage accessories in the world. It's designers went all out here, with trick garage doors and badass lighting. The result was that this house was named the custom house in America for the year it was built. [See more]

16. Hamilton Scotts Tower—Part I

If you're truly wealthy, and live in Singapore, you need to live here. Look out the window and notice that this garage is up in the sky.

Hamilton Scotts Tower—Part II

In reality, it's even more badass than it sounds. You drive into an elevator, get out of your car, and enter your access code, and the elevator takes the car to your flat, then loads it into your garage for you, all in the time it takes you to take the human elevator.

Hamilton Scotts Tower—Part III

And of course, you can have your garage decked out however you'd like it. Watch this vid to see it in action. [See more]

17. The Garage Theater

What—your home theater doesn't have both a Lamborghini and a Ferrari parked inside? That's a shame. [See more]

18. The New Smith Garage

The art deco design may be awesome, but the most badass thing about this garage is what you can't see: it's the owners' second custom garage. [See more]

19. Mustang Showroom

Several Shelbys sharing a room this beautiful is never a bad thing. [See more]

20. This Quaint Shed

It looks so unassuming... that is, until you see what's inside. [See more]

21. Supercar Heaven

Drive a different supercar every day of the week? Sure, why not? [See more]

22. The Rancho

This Rancho Santa Fe Tuscan villa was for sale a few years back, if you happened to have a spare $5,000,000. [See more]

23. Minnesota Madness

There's everything from a lift, to vintage gas pumps, to hand-painted murals on each garage door. Yeah. [See more]

24. World Champion

This 6,400 sq ft garage is divided into four motifs: two are dedicated to Busch Stadium in St. Louis, one is an homage to the 1950s Motoramic car shows, and one's a Ferrari Shrine. No wonder it was named World Champion. [See more]

25. Viva Las Chicago

It's kinda funny that a man who made his fortunes as a venture capitalist would build his garage as a shrine to the most famous gambling mecca there is: the Las Vegas Strip. [See more]

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. His garage barely has enough room for two cars, a lawnmower, and a stack of tires.

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