14 Outrageously Baller Sport Fishing Boats To Bring In The Big One

Aside from week-long deep sea fishing adventures, these mega-boats are capable of speedy transatlantic jaunts as well as hosting some pretty epic parties. If you're looking for a yacht that truly offers it all, you've just stumbled upon 14 of the best. 

You're looking at nearly 95 feet of perfection. Thanks to 5,200 hp, this beauty can hit nearly 30 knots, but if you take it a little easier on the throttle, you'll be able to go from NY to Saint Tropez without stopping. That's a lot of fishing time.

This is a back-to-basics kind of boat, in that it's basically the size of an average NY flat, with 250 square feet inside.

Since 1948, the guys at Merrit's have been making some of the best American boats to be bought. The 72-footer you're looking at currently isn't their biggest, but it might just be their nicest.

Here is 77 feet of beautiful excess. It might look like most of the other huge sportfishing boats, but the inside is full of not just gorgeous woodwork, but sculptures of sealife in action, like a marlin hunting for food.

It's technically a tournament boat, but you'd be forgiven for thinking Marlena's more of a family yacht. Five state rooms certainly make Marlena so luxurious that a fish would be crazy not to climb aboard.

Do you need a couple of tons of sound deadening material? Of course not. But that's like saying you don't need TVs, teak woodwork throughout, and a "practically" bulletproof hull. If pirates are ever looking to pillage your catch, they're going to have a tough time.

Bertram's been making watercrafts since the '60s, when it set world waterspeed records for diesel-powered boats. Flash forward a few decades, and the company has more or less merged speedboats with yachts, and tossed in some sportfishing touches as well.

At 41 feet, the Albermarle is one of the smaller boats on this list, but it's all about the engineering. The engine room is designed not only to keep sound out, but heat as well. And there's plenty of space below deck to enjoy the cable TV it comes with.

Apple TV throughought the cabin and deck is nice, as is a marble bar and teak sitting area for when you're fishing. But those are just sideshows: The C'est La Vie is certified for the deapest seas, and can hit nearly 50 knots in so doing.

If this looks basic from the outside to you, that's a good thing. It's really a 5,200 hp monster that was only recently completed, and according to those who have gotten to captain it so far, it's all about function over form.

For any boat that's going to be used for multi-day sea adventures, you need plenty of fuel, and plenty of storage for liquor supplies. The Anita Jean not only has trick counters that double as a liquor cabinet par excellence, it also has its own smaller boat so you can head back to shore to restock when needed.

The Hatteras Express is designed around the idea that the ultimate luxury is speed. Unlike almost any other boat its size, the only wood you'll find is used as decoration in the living quarters. The rest of the boat is made from fiberglass to save weight. The result? Well, it's not entirely done yet, so Hatteras isn't saying, but it's a fair bet it'll be equal to any other boat you see here, at least in terms of speed.

The R-80 is a 4,800 hp cruiser that's laid out in teak pretty much anywhere you'd want to hang out. Its real benefit, though, is one you'll never see or feel: the propulsion system is sealed off after the transmission, which, according to Donzi, means zero vibrations are transmitted from the propellers into the cabin.

What's more impressive than a 68-foot boat that can hit nearly 40 knots? Watching that boat do it in under 20 seconds. The true beauty of this one's on the inside, though, where it's equal parts cruise ship and steakhouse decor. Kinda ironic, given all the fish...

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He really needs to get out on the water sometime this summer…from his landlocked hometown.

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