Batman's Hot Rod

Over the decades, Batman's had some utterly cool rides. What you are currently looking at isn't one of them, but it absolutely should be. It's a conceptual hot rod co-developed by a couple of friends in London — one's a sketcher, the other's a 3D renderer — and it's more or less exactly the hot rod Batman would drive if he were just a little bit cooler.

To the untrained eye it might just look like someone drew up a modernized Deuce Coupe  and slapped some carbon fiber on it, but there's really a staggering amount of thought that went into this design.

They actually drew out each individual part separately, including those massive brakes that are meant to be built into the wheel itself.

Unusually for a hot rod, they've designed the engine — a twin turbo V8 — to be as far back as possible, allowing for a theoretical 50/50 weight distribution.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's of the opinion that if the next Batmobile doesn't look like this, the producers are fools. Feel free to agree with him on Twitter.