The Street Legal Batmobile Is For Sale

Generally, getting stuck in traffic is a great time to observe everyone around you as they do their best Christian Bale impersonations, but now you can intimidate the hell out of them when you fill up their rear view mirror with an actual, street legal, freaking Batmobile replica, like this one that you can get for far less than the cost of a used Bugatti.

Make no mistake, this thing is actually able to be driven on the street: it's got five cameras to make sure you'll see all sorts of things you probably won't spot through the two front windows, like small children, pets, and other cars on the road.

It's even got a top-notch stereo, but chances are you'll never use it, because the 44-inch Super Swamper tires propel everything forward with a sense of urgency, thanks to the glorious Chevy LS V8 that's basically the same engine from a Corvette. The cost is about a million bucks, but really, that's nothing when you consider the looks on everyone's faces as you're battling the evils of traffic.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's curious to see if anyone would get out of his way if he drove it during rush hour. Follow him on Twitter.