Gratuitous Car Porn

This Is The Most Beautiful Vintage Rally On Earth

People always say if they owned a rare or vintage car, they'd "Drive it like it was originally meant to be driven," (okay, buddy); the sad reality is that most just lock them away in collections, condemned to decades of dust or the occasional weekend trip to the coffee shop.

Maybe that's why these photos of outright classics from the likes of Lancia, Audi, Porsche, and even Ferrari—all competing in a vintage rally called Austrian Rallye Legends—are so mesmerizing. There are 22 images below that will simultaneously blow your mind, make you update your bucket list, and liven up your desktop wallpaper. (Heads up: don't miss the video at the end. Don't!) 

First thing's first, have you ever seen a Ferrari on a rally course? Not counting a Lancia Stratos, of course.

Seriously, this is now officially something everyone must do at some point in their lives.


Gratuitous detail shot, anyone?

Coming over?

If you're a fan of the Porsche 911 you've no doubt seen them rallying before. That doesn't make seeing it happen any less awesome, especially when the car's dressed in that iconic Rothman's livery.

Admit it, you've had a secret crush on the Nissan 240 RS ever since you had it in Hot Wheels form as a kid. It's okay.

If you saw an Opel Kadett GT/E parked on the street you'd probably walk right past it. But sideways? It just looks right, doesn't it?

Well hot damn.

Any time you stick an engine in the back seat of a hot hatch you've got a good thing going. This Renault R5 Turbo was originally set up for the legendary Group B rally class, which meant they made street versions, and Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean, Blackadder) used to own one.

The Opel Manta 200 was never imported to the United States, and that's a shame. It was relatively cheap, light, and tons of fun...especially on gravel, apparently.

Speaking of really light, basic, and fun Opels...

True story: East Germany once made a rally car. Frankly, the Wartburg Rallye 311-0 probably looks better today.

The Ford Falcon may be long gone everywhere but Australia, but its legacy as the de facto mother of the Mustang lives on.

American muscle. Austrian mountains. That's gotta be an incredible sound.

This is why the word Quattro is a household name.

We're really not sure which is more beautiful here: those box flares, that wing, or the backdrop.

Of course, not every car from Audi was as wild as the Quattro. An S1 is still a fun way to get up a hill.


Of course there was a Mini Cooper in attendance. How could there not be?

The Lancia Delta Integrale. There's not really much more you can say about a four wheel drive, 300 hp, four door hatchback that beat the world in rallying, other than to compliment its Martini colors.

It's entirely possible that a Lancia Stratos countersteering its way through a corner will forever remain the most beautiful of all rally cars. The fact that it won a hat trick of world championships in its day only makes it prettier.

Now, put your headphones on, crank up the volume, and check out some serious vintage rally porn.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. If he had roads half as good as these within a day's drive of his house, he'd have his old E30 BMW out there in a heartbeat.