Gratuitous Car Porn

15 Haunting Photos Of A Beautiful Automotive Graveyard

Bastnas is a rural ore field in southern Sweden that's been noteworthy for its mining since the late 1600s. It's also the place where a pair of brothers decided to start a scrapyard to serve as a final resting place for the cars used by WWII servicemen.

Eventually, even the scrap yard was abandoned and nature has slowly reclaimed its sovereignty. The 15 photos below are part of a much larger set by Thomas Geersing that documents the current state of the Bastnas Scrapyard: beautifully dilapidated. 

There's an eerie vividness in Bastnas, forming a stark juxtaposition to the formerly beautiful cars that are slowly fading from memory.

Nature's not without its sense of humor, though. Here, a tree has obviously fallen on a pair of stacked cars.

Whereas in this image, a tree grew from seedling into maturity through the middle of an upright coil spring, no doubt resulting in a more upright posture as a result.

If you're the type to get antsy about not having washed your car in a fortnight, take a minute to think about how long an automobile has to sit in order to grow a nice, healthy layer of moss.

It's amazing to think about, but this yard was a place of business for people to get replacement parts for old Saabs and other cars.

Bastnas, at its core, is a series of giant metaphors. On the one hand you've got mother nature reclaiming her land at a rate of about an inch per year.

Demonstrating the raw inevitability of decay over time.

But on the other hand, because the scrapyard is populated by the cars of ex-servicemen, it's also a tangible link to the tired cliche about old soldiers never dying.

Since, in almost every sense of the word, these cars are fading away.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. Places like this really get to him.