The Breitling Bentley Continental GT Speed Is Sublime

Two of our favorite high-powered producers of awesomeness just unleashed a ridiculous mashup of the best they have to offer. Bentley is producing a limited edition handcrafted version of the already formidable Continental GT Speed to pay homage to the Breitling Jet Team: the 2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed Breitling Jet Team Series Limited Edition

The partnership isn't a big surprise—after all, Breitling supplies Bentley's clocks and produces a special Bentley line of timepieces. Now, Bentley returns the favor, in a big way.

This isn't just some run-of-the-mill special edition with a full production run—there are only seven of these bad boys, each corresponding to a jet in the Breitling Jet Team. 

The design reimagines the car as if it were a roadbound version of one of the L-39 Albatros Jets flown by the Breitling Jet Team, down to the hallmark, onyx, and yellow color scheme of the exterior and interior. 

The specially sculpted seats follow the color scheme with yellow highlights while the dash features a graphic of the Breitling team in its signature Avenger flight formation, with the particular jet the car is modeled after highlighted in yellow. Corresponding headrest numbers and numbered tread plate plaques also give individualized features to each of the seven cars.

To really hammer home the connection between the Bentleys and the Jet Team, each car's keys will be presented to its owner at the Boeing Seafair Airshow by the pilot of its corresponding plane. Not only do the lucky owners get a badass car—they get a partnership with one of the best jet pilots in the world. Talk about a club we'd love to join. 

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. All he has to say about this is yes, please.

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