Bow Down to Your New 6-Wheeled ATV King

Four by fours have pretty much always been kings of whatever mountain they happen to be on. But those days are coming to an end, thanks to the delightfully crazed engineers over at Can-Am ATVs. Hitting showrooms and trails this summer, the Outlander 1000 6x6 ATV is exactly what it sounds like: a six wheel drive workhorse-slash-plaything that easily conquers all.

The most significant feature, of course, is that 6x6 system. If you get stuck while riding this sucker, it's your own fault. It's powerful enough — and has enough traction — to move small villages.

It has an LCD readout that houses everything from the speedometer to a clock to, well, anything you'd need, really. That's a very useful feature when you're hauling 800 pounds of supplies, or towing your 1,500-pound jet ski up a remote trail.

It's designed mainly as a workhorse for lumberjacks and other professionals whose job requires them to use seriously awesome toys, but that doesn't mean it's all business. Those extra wheels don't exactly hinder you from doing all sorts of stupid/fun/awesome things.

Go ahead... watch it in action.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He is not the guy sailing through the air in this photo, but he wants to be.