Revival Masters The BMW R nineT

Published On 01/12/2015 Published On 01/12/2015
Revival's RnineT Mastery
Revival Cycles

Without even seeing the finished product, one could surmise that sending a world class bike such as the BMW R nineT to a world class shop such as Revival Cycles would result in something spectacular. Well that actually happened, and there are photos, so there's no surmising necessary. Meet Bison.

Revival Cycles

As is almost always the case with Revival, it's the attention to detail and sheer craftsmanship that sets this particular R nineT apart from the numerous other (really, really nice) custom iterations that have popped up in the past year.

Revival Cycles

One of Revival's signature items on any of its builds is the exhaust system, and this one's stunning for the engineering as much as the looks. The welds and bends are as beautiful as ever, but look closely and you'll notice there's a custom-designed heat shield. Rerouting the exhaust like this took a lot of work to ensure the bike wouldn't end up in a ball of flames, and the result speaks for itself.

Revival Cycles

Plenty of smaller touches round off the bike, like these LED turn signals at the end of the gorgeous leather-wrapped handles.

Revival Cycles

And then there's the seat, which looks good enough to turn into a jacket.

Revival Cycles

If you're wondering how it got the name Bison, note the leather bag on the side. The owner needed a way to take his laptop with him, so Revival designed the bag complete with a frame to protect whatever's inside...then made it from bison leather.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He kinda wishes this bike were a streetfighter so he could make an E Honda pun.



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