7 Vintage Bikes On eBay To Channel Your Inner Steve McQueen

“I live for myself and I answer to nobody.”—Steve McQueen

Motorcycles may be unsafe, but it's that same element of danger that's cemented their position as an undeniably cool vehicle and icon. And since the only thing cooler than a new motorcycle is a vintage one, here are seven of our favorites that you can grab off of eBay motors this week.

1951 Vincent Comet

The infamous Black Shadows may get all the glory when it comes to bikes from this cult favorite British brand, but they also command solid six-figure prices. This sleek black Comet is a great way to get yourself a piece of this legendary nameplate at a fraction of the cost.

1967 BSA Thunderbolt

Granted, if the sun gleams off them at just the right angle they can be slightly blinding, but that doesn’t diminish the style factor of the chrome tanks on old BSAs. If anything, it only makes them a bit more badass. This one’s got a killer color combo, and a claimed 16,000 original miles to boot.

1941 Indian Four

There are bikes meant for racing, bikes meant for carving canyons, and then bikes meant solely for comfortable cruising. What we have here falls firmly in the latter category. The Indian Four derives its name from the fact that it boasts a 4-cylinder engine. Yes, this almost 75-year-old touring bike boasts as much displacement as many of the small economy cars sold around the world today. Impressive.

1962 Triumph Bonneville

It would be a disservice to make any list of vintage motorcycles without the inclusion of what many believe is the most classic: a 1960s Bonnie. The list of people who have owned and ridden them reads like a who’s who of cool over a full half-century, and this two-toned red and silver number is a perfect way to add your own name to it.

1965 Norton Atlas/Dominator

You can't not love a hot rod, particularly when it's built by someone who clearly has the skills, knowledge, and budget to do it right. This one is no exception, mating the powerful Norton Dominator 88 powertrain to the legendarily well-handling Atlas chassis. Restored to perfection, this bike will assure you that you have not only one of the most fun to ride bikes on the road, but surely one with the coolest name as well. Atlas Dominator? Game over.

1969 Kawasaki H1 Mach III

By the late 1960s, the US had become the largest motorcycle market, and Americans being American, we demanded more power and speed. In 1969 Kawasaki delivered that in a big way with the two-stroke, three cylinder H1 Mach III. Motorcyclist Magazine called it, “The best power to weight ratio ever produced in a motorcycle meant to sell to anyone who has the money to purchase it.” Kawasaki collectors call it the Holy Grail, and now you can call it yours.

1964 BMW R60/2

With a couple of exceptions, the motorcycles BMW produced during this era are even more classic than the cars. Of them—the R60/2 like the one for sale here—is one of the best, and this one’s got a great pedigree as well: first bought new and brought stateside by a U.S. soldier stationed in Germany, 22,000 miles on the odometer, all original parts, with the ever-desirable sidecar mount.

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