14 Brilliant Uses For Old Car Parts

Published On 06/05/2015 Published On 06/05/2015
Brilliant Uses For Old Car Parts

Everyone knows how to make a cheap swing for kids out of a used tire, but what do you do when you've got your own Burj tower made of old wheels taking up space in your garage? As it turns out, you build a grill. That's just one of 14 uses for your old car parts that you need to do, stat.

Classified Moto

1. Make lamps out of your old suspension pieces


2. Turn an old wheel into a fire pit


3. Make the coolest hose reel on the block


4. Have an old hood laying around? Try it as an awning

Bonus: Hook the headlights up to a proximity sensor and use them as security lights.

H/T: 38Chevy454

Morgaine Ford-Workman

5. Make a weatherproof patio table with a little paint, good glue, and old tires

The Owner Builder Network

6. Use an old engine block as an absolutely baller wine rack

Andrea Barras

7. Build an entire patio furniture suite

GSM Office Seats

8. Turn your old car seat into a rolling office chair or workshop stool

MB Photo

9. Engines are always great as coffee tables

Especially if it's a beautiful old Porsche, like this one.


10. Old seat belt? New key rack

Hanna Kristinsdottir

11. Use an old coil spring as a paper holder / organizer

Rebecca Paschke

12. Make a bowl out of expired license plates

Brian Carlisle

13. Instant clipboards for old license plates

If you've got the old kind without raised numbers.

Tire Flops

14. Make your own badass treaded flip flops

Or you could always buy a pair, if you're not sure you can cut so smoothly.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He’s adding castors to his old BMW seat in the immediate future.

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