Bubba Watson's Bulletproof Truck

After nabbing a promotional deal with Oakley, Bubba Watson managed to snag something far more awesome than a lifetime supply of sunglasses. His brand new Ford Raptor's been thoroughly worked over into a beast that's way more bulletproof than his short game.

For starters, it really is bulletproof. With Kevlar inserts and bulletproof glass, you're safe from even the most irate Elin Nordegren, and because he's perfectly safe inside, they wrapped it in this sweet digital camo that actually makes it stand out more.

Inside, there's more lime than a poorly made margarita, and the seats are held together with more green thread than Bubba Watson's Masters jacket.

You know how some dealerships will annoyingly put their logo on the back of your new car? Oakley topped them, too.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He doesn't wear sunglasses when he drives, but if you can stand the glare you can follow him on Twitter.