Burt Reynolds' Trans Am Is For Sale

"New car. Gotta have a new car to block for the truck. Speedy car. Speedier than that." - Burt Reynolds, Smokey and the Bandit

Weird as it is for an entire generation of car guys to grow up watching a movie that's mostly about bootlegging beer, Smokey and the Bandit left an inexorable mark on the history of the Firebird. So much so that any "Black Special Edition" Trans Am is generally just called a "Bandit Edition" now. It also apparently struck a chord with Burt Reynolds, because nearly 30 years after the film, he bought himself a "Bandit Edition."

This is Burt Reynolds' personal Trans Am, and it's for sale.

Burt bought the car in 2005 as a legitimate Black Special Edition, complete with gold pinstriping and the absolutely iconic gold Firebird on the hood.

It also has the WS6 package, which among other things, means it has a 6.6 liter Pontiac V8 planted under the hood.

And yes, this car is original, with just 15,000 miles and change on the clock.

In other words, there was no need to do anything to the car when Mr. Reynolds bought it, but he decided to make a few changes to make it more livable. There's A/C now, as well as tinted glass, a proper stereo, and a Cobra CB radio, just like the one in the movie. Naturally.

There's precisely one man on the planet who could get away with having the seats of an old Firebird embroidered with the Bandit and not look like a complete tool. Burt's that guy. And he did exactly that.

Of course, the exact same thing can be said about getting a custom license plate that says "Bandit."

The rest of the car checks out as it should. It even comes with a letter from the Pontiac Historical Society authenticating it as an original Black Special Edition.

For reasons unknown but probably unrelated to his relationship with Mallory Archer, Burt sold the car in 2009, and it's been sitting in a museum ever since.

With any luck, the new owner will take it out on the back roads like it was built to do.

It's a good car. It's better than that.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. When he was four, he got black paint on the coffee table because he wanted his silver Matchbox Firebird to look like the Bandit's.