The Off Road BMW Cafe Racer of Your Dreams

The BMW R1200S is, on its worst day, a pretty awesome bike with more power than all but the very best riders can properly handle. While it's also not a bad looker, maybe that's not enough for some people — and for them, Cafe Racer Dreams exists. They've just dropped their R1200S-based and aptly-named Animal.

Like with most builds of this type, they started by stripping the bike down to its bare essentials. Then, they went about prettying it up, since a naked 1200RS isn't quite the turn on you'd think it is. The quality of the welds they've made on the chassis is particularly high.

More impressive than the understated beauty of the seat is the ingenuity behind it. For better access to components if you happen to need to service the bike in the middle of nowhere and/or are attacked by zombies and need something to throw, it's easily removable with just a few screws.

Cornering? Thanks to some nice adjustable shocks, the bike's capable of dominating on the pavement or on dirt... assuming you've got the balls to run flat out in this thing on dirt, that is.

To keep everything looking clean, they've got really tiny turn signals on it (on either side of the license plate). And just in case people don't notice it, they've added a loudener to the exhaust that'll announce just how awesome the bike is, and consequently, you are.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He thinks that any bike that bridges the gap between the classic looks of a cafe racer and the earth shattering performance of a race bike is a bike worth owning. Follow him on Twitter to share your cries of discontent.