You're Probably Going To Want This Super-Charged ATV. Immediately.

Published On 04/10/2015 Published On 04/10/2015
High Powered ATV

Have you always kind of wanted an ATV, but haven't found one that matches your EXTREME personality?

You'll be pleasantly surprised to stumble upon the Can-Am Maverick X ds—which promises 40% more torque than its closest competitor. Which is 100% more torque than I'm used to in my life, in the first place.


With 121 hp, two seats, and four seat options, the Maverick promises to be the most powerful factory-built ATV in the world. 

And with a rigid cage-steel frame and disk brakes on all four wheels, you'll be covered, just in case you can't handle all that power.

It's cool man. Happens to everyone.



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