Shelby is Selling a Ton of Awesome Sh*t

When you talk about American performance heritage, there aren't too many names with more stock than Carroll Shelby. And now, the Shelby Heritage Center's decided to sell off some of that heritage at super affordable prices. It's in the midst of what it's calling a "soft renovation." If you don't know what soft renovation actually entails, it means the SCH's selling a bunch of its wall hangings right now.

And by "wall hangings" they mean way more than posters.

Yeah, obviously there're some (read: tons) of posters, but they're better than most. This Cobra Daytona poster, for example is made out from heavy vinyl and is nine by twelve feet. That's the better part of an entire wall of your garage. And it's somehow just $200.

Don't have space for a rug-sized poster? There's always an actual freaking hood off the wall.

Or...just get this. It's a full scale model of a 427 Cobra. And it's $1,000. That price seems insanely low, especially for anyone with enough room to put a full scale model car in their house.

In all seriousness, though, there really are a lot of first rate—and normal sized—posters with a bit more history to them than what's printed on the front.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. Shelby's family gave him an autographed poster when he was a kid. He still has it.