A German beer hall returns to Lincoln Park

If you thought that Spring semester of freshman year was the only time one of your friends would come back bigger than ever, you were wrong, because Lincoln Park's German beer hall Prost! is returning after a two-year absence, and they've expanded into the art gallery next door, now filled with rows of communal wooden tables imported from the motherland, and a custom-built bar topped with a collection of steins.They've overhauled the menu to include obscenely large Bavarian pretzels w/ caramelized onion & smoked paprika dip, mushroom-gouda strudel, and sliders stuffed with frikadelle, aka German meatballs (also a failed comedy starring Bill Murray in which campers are just super organized and punctual). An Austrian sausage expert's now providing the best wurst (garlic & ginger beef/pork Thuringers, Emmentaler-infused kaisekrainers...), and further proteins range from short rib sauerbraten over horseradish potatoes, to veal schnitzel with 'shrooms and jaeger sauce, sure to totally bomb your gut.Naturally they're deeper than ever on Teutonic brews (the "original craft beers" as the owner calls them), with 24 taps filling everything from .3 liters to the grand Das Boot, a common practice employed by college students to avoid coming back bigger than ever.