China’s Making Their Own Tesla Because Of Course They Are

In some of the least surprising news we've heard all day, a Chinese startup company claims to be making its own Tesla-esque car, the Youxia X, that will undercut the release of the upcoming Tesla Model 3. And maybe even less surprising: it takes some blatant design cues from Knight Rider's KITT, down to a light-up grille. Someone call Hasselhoff

If you've seen a Tesla, you can pretty much imagine exactly what the Youxia looks like, down to the suspiciously similar logo. And the interior is what you'd expect—although the addition of fake engine noises from other notable cars is a nice touch. 

Straight off the screen, and into your car: KITT's light-up grille. Although you can customize the display to show just about anything you'd like (which is a cool feature, on it's own) we're betting it won't talk to you in Mr. Feeny's voice.

Supposedly, the Youxia X will begin zipping around China by early 2017, just before the Telsa 3. We're not counting on seeing this one stateside, though—so book a flight to Beijing if you need to see it first-hand. 

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He's wondering which famous TV car will get the knockoff treatment next.

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