Goldfinger Is Turning 50, So Christie's Is Having A 007 Auction Filled With Gold

Published On 09/11/2014 Published On 09/11/2014
Will this gold DB5 fetch $100k at auction?
All Photos: Christie's

When Goldfinger first came out, it taught us, or rather our parents, that the Aston Martin DB5 was the pinnacle of cool, that having a man crush is okay so long as it's Sean Connery, and you can get away with naming a character Pussy Galore. This was 50 years ago.

To celebrate the film's golden anniversary (see what we did there?), Christie's Auction House has five really awesome pieces of Goldfinger memorabilia up for auction. Bidding's open now, and closes on September 17th, the day of the anniversary.

18k Gold Omega Seamaster "Aqua Terra"

Omega—sponsor of every 007 watch since Tomorrow Never Dies—made this watch specifically for the 50th anniversary of Goldfinger. It's 18-karat gold throughout (even the 007 logo-shaped counterweights on the hands) and the back is crystal, so you can see gold rotors and gears moving. It can also withstand magnets up to 15,000 gauss. We're not really sure how strong that is, but it's definitely more than you need. As a bonus, the case is modeled after the US Bullion Depository at Fort Knox.

1:3 scale gold-plated Aston Martin DB5

This isn't just a normal model of an old Aston that happens to be a third of the size of the original...and gold plated. This is a model of the Aston that Bond drove in Skyfall, made from 3D scans of the actual car...then gold plated.

Goldfinger first edition book

The art on the cover's actually pretty amazing if you study it, but really, a first edition print of one of Ian Fleming's seminal works is something any guy should have, isn't it?

The James Bond Archives, autographed by Daniel Craig

The author of this book spent two years roaming around the production studio's archives snagging old photos that hadn't previously been released. Then he spoke to 150 different cast and crew members, laying out the definitive oral history of the making of the series.

Original Goldfinger cinema poster, autographed

This is one of the original posters they hung in theaters when the film first debuted, and it's printed on linen. It's also autographed by Dame Shirley Bassey, who sang that iconic opening song.

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