LEGO Built The Batman Tumbler

Now that you've got your LEGO Mini Cooper and your LEGO Ecto-1 both sussed, the Danish manufacturer of foot-impaling building blocks is set to unleash its most ambitious kit yet: The Batman Tumbler. No big deal, it's only comprised of over 1,800 different pieces and sits at a massive 15x9 inches long. It drops this September, and will set you back a little under $200.

LEGO's designers spent months trying to figure out how to include the greatest amount of detail possible, including new tires and adding structural reinforcement so the Tumbler can actually roll across your desk without collapsing under its own weight.

Though you can't see it here, there's a full interior complete with every detail that was visible in the movie, which is kind of great, because...

...the Tumbler kit comes with minifigs of the Christian Bale Batman and Heath Ledger Joker. You know...for all those times they rode together?

Seriously, listen to this guy tell the story of how it came to be; it was a lot of work.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He loves this, but he's still waiting for LEGO to create a kit for Bullitt.C'mon, guys.