9 Classic Cars Reimagined as Star Wars Landspeeders

Published On 12/03/2014 Published On 12/03/2014

Luke Skywalker's old Landspeeder is a hall of fame-level sci-fi ride, but its design makes it look more like an old DC-10 jumbo jet than a sports car. So French photographer and Star Wars fan Renaud Marion recently showcased a series of photos that reimagined classic cars as Landspeeders. The project is called Air Cars, and though we sadly won't be seeing any of 'em in Episode VII, they're all available for purchase as prints.

Renaud Marion

300 SL Roadster

Obi-Wan would drive this car. He'd have to.

Renaud Marion

E-Type Jaguar

The XKE is a car that will forever rate as one of the most classic of all time, and one that performed on par with anything it was put up against. Luke belongs in an E-Type.

Renaud Marion

Chevrolet El Camino

Uncle Owen driving around with a bunch of miscellaneous tools and droid parts in back just seems right, doesn't it?

Renaud Marion

Porsche 356

Sporty. Sassy. Very capable when needed. Definitely Leia's car.

Renaud Marion

Gullwing Mercedes 300SL

Pre-Darth Vader Anakin. This car once belonged to Paul O'Shea, an amateur road racer who won the 1956 SCCA National Championship. Sound familiar?

Renaud Marion

Lincoln Continental

Well, this one's too obvious.

Renaud Marion

Mercedes 190SL Roadster

It's a classy ride for Amidala, no?

Renaud Marion

Jaguar XK120

To look at it, you'd never know the XK120 was the fastest car you could buy when it came out. Yoda, it must be.

Renaud Marion

Aston Martin DB5

What, you think James Bond's car of choice could be driven by anyone other than Han Solo? He's the hero who gets the girl; of course he gets the Aston.

Aaron Miller is the Cars editor for Thrillist, and can be found on Twitter. He never liked the design of the Landspeeder until now, even though he has a soft spot for the DC10.



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