7 Brilliant Mercedes Coupes On eBay Fit For Royalty

“Come scoop you in the coupe, sitting on two zeros, fix your hair in the mirror let’s roll.”—Jay Z

Mercedes dutifully made some big, handcrafted luxobarges back in the day. They were the automobiles of choice for everyone ranging from CEOs, to dictators, to royalty. And if you had no hopes of buying one when they were first introduced, it's time to check back in. Here are seven of the best on eBay.

1985 300CD

When someone uses the term “bulletproof” or “built like a tank” they’re probably describing something along the lines of this two-door turbo diesel cruiser. At 155k miles this thing is just getting started, and with that clean perforated leather interior and original gold paint job, how could you possibly go wrong?

2005 CL65 AMG

When Mercedes released their 604 hp, 734 lb-ft, AMG-tuned 12-cylinder engine over a decade ago, it was a jaw-dropping game changer. You paid a pretty penny for it too—the final sticker on this car when new would have been over $200,000. The fact that you can get this midnight blue beauty for less than $30,000 proves that depreciation is a beautiful long as you’re not the original owner.

1965 220SEB

From the subtle fins to that greenhouse rear windshield, there are few things about this car that don’t scream “classic.” To a certain generation, this is the epitome of a pillar-less coupe. The tufted seats, wood dash, and color-matched hubcaps have aged perfectly, and what else for twenty-two grand will leave you feeling like a mid-'60s dictator?

1981 380SLC

The W107 Series roadsters were one of Mercedes' most timeless and popular models. Despite the fact that all of the convertibles could be—and often were—purchased with a matching hardtop, M-B decided to offer a fixed roof version known internally as the C107 line. They may not have been necessary, but luxury and necessity rarely go hand-in-hand, and four-seat coupes have recently been spiking up in value.

2001 CL600 “TMAC”

Tracy McGrady is a legendary basketball player; no doubts to be had there. His taste in car customization? To put it nicely, athletes have always been known to veer on the less-than-subtle side of aftermarket enhancements, and McGrady's Benz—done by best-known-from-MTV West Coast Customs—is certainly in no danger of going unnoticed. You can sum up this car in exactly two words: Gucci. Interior.

1994 S600

Say the words “Big Body Benz” and what leaps to mind will usually be the boxy, beautiful, 1990s-era luxury sedans of which the V12 600 series was their flagship. While the four-door version still holds a certain prestige on the streets, the two-door version faded into relative anonymity. This one is still chock full of the same technological advancements, and has the same smooth, powerful V12 that once made it king of the road. And, it now comes in the four figure range, so you could certainly do worse.

1988 560SEC

If you’ve ever seen Roadhouse, you know this car. In fact, behind the Ferraris, this was probably the best known car on Miami Vice as well. Italian exotics aside, this was the status car of the 1980s and has aged better than perhaps any realistically attainable car of the era. Now that you can pick this car up for just $6,000—that’s less than the taxes someone likely paid on this thing new—why in the world wouldn’t you?

John Munson is a contributor to Supercompressor. If you’ve never seen Roadhouse or Miami Vice, you’re probably too young to be his friend.

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