The Zagato Mostro Maserati Is Officially The Hottest Thing In Italy

Zagato has been taking the world's most beautiful cars and upping their sexiness levels for nearly 100 years now, and in that time the Milanese boutique has produced some of the finest bespoke automobiles the world has seen.

Now there's the Zagato Mostro that you're currently drooling over. It's actually an homage to a legendary Maserati that Zagato built in the late black and white era. Gentlemen, take a seat, because standing is about to get...uncomfortable.

Technically speaking, the only parts of this car that are Maserati are the V8 that's mounted behind the front wheels, and the trident badge on the front. The body is equal parts Zagato, carbon fiber, and sex appeal. Absolutely none of that matters the moment you hear that glorious engine note.

If you think the interior looks more like a race car than a road car, you're not terribly mistaken. The original car—the 450S Zagato Coupe Costin—was built specifically so that Sir Stirling Moss could race it in the Mille Miglia. It was a beast, thus earning it the nickname "Il Mostro," or The Monster.

As it generally does with these concepts, Zagato will actually make a limited number of Mostros for its exceptionally well-heeled clientele. There will even be a street version like the one you see here.

Not that any of these will ever be on a street. They belong in a museum.

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