The Confederate Hellcat Speedster Will Steal Your Lunch Money

Published On 08/19/2014 Published On 08/19/2014
This bike will steal your lunch money
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There are some custom bikes that look like they belong in a zombie wasteland, and there are some sleek ones that make you look like you're on your way to a photo shoot with swimsuit models sipping espresso.

Then there's this. The Confederate Hellcat Speedster is basically the bike the Grim Reaper would ride en route to a particularly ill-fated photo shoot with swimsuit models sipping espresso. It's sleek, it's mean, and unlike lots of other customs, you can buy it.

What you're looking at isn't a one-off piece modified from an existing bike; it's actually an all-new bike made from scratch by Confederate with the help of an ex-Ducati designer. Thing's no joke. 

It's powered by a V-Twin putting out over 120 hp, so it's more than capable of getting you from point A to point B...and onto point C before anyone else is at B.

The suspension's fully adjustable to fit your individual riding style. And the fuel tank? Nothing but beautiful carbon fiber, with a little clear coat on top, for good measure.

Literally everywhere you look on this bike, you'll find evidence of thoughtful design. From the immaculate exhaust to the angle of the front suspension, everything is done with a purpose.

They're only making 65 in an effort to keep their exclusivity at a premium, but you can expect to pay for the privilege—$65,000 a pop. 

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's currently wondering how many more things named Hellcat he'll cover this summer.



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