This is the Most Beautiful Retro Ducati You Can Buy Right Now

Published On 09/23/2014 Published On 09/23/2014
Gorgeous Custom Ducati
All Photos: Angus Dykman

At the turn of the century, Ducati made a limited run of 2,000 bikes as an homage to the legendary Mike Hailwood's win at the Isle of Man TT. The MH900e (e, for evoluzione), for as fast as it was, was even better-looking with retro-sport bike lines that screamed Italian performance. Somehow this one has been tweaked just enough to make it even better, and the best part is this: it's currently for sale if you've got some spare change laying around.

Naturally, the first thing done was a proper stripping down of the bike; after fully dismantling it, the frame was powder coated black.

Then the body was painted in battleship grey, which actually manages to look sporty here.

Clearly, we aren't the only ones to think that, as the owner fell in love with the color and had the wheels powder coated to match.

The new carbon exhaust is shorter than stock, giving the rear of the bike a look that's equal parts space ship and 1960s race car.

On almost every other custom bike we've featured, the OEM gauges are among the very first things to get tossed by the wayside, but on the MH900E, this is what came from the factory. Nothing to argue with, really.

The only other changes needed to make this bike spectacular were some new mirrors and a pair of LED turn signals to clean up the front a little bit. As it sits now, it's just about perfect.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's got a soft spot for retro designs with modern guts. Follow him on his surprisingly not 1970s-era Twitter.



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