Badass Custom Jeeps let you survive the zombie apocalypse in style

Because the apocalypse has to happen eventually, and it's gonna inevitably involve zombies, a company in Dallas has taken things into their own hands and built a whole bunch of jeeps that're pretty much zombie-proof.

They start by taking an ordinary, run-of-the-mill Jeep Wrangler, stripping every ounce of paint off of it, removing things you don't want (doors?), and then bolt on essentials like KC lights, hard tops, and Bushwacker fender flares before spraying the whole thing in Kevlar, which means it's basically bulletproof. 

Their "base" suspension package is pretty insane and lifts the Jeep enough to give the driver an almost overwhelming urge to hop a curb and drive on the grass, but things really start getting crazy when you opt for rock climbing and full off-road suspensions.

But hopefully you won't need all that fancy suspension, because a) zombies are slow and b) these Jeeps aren't: you can get any of 'em with a HEMI under the hood.

Of course these are still heavy Jeeps, so if you wanna go crazy fast — remember that HEMI?— you're definitely gonna want the four-piston Brembo brake option to bring you back to zero. 

And since you know you're not gonna be in much danger driving through the post-apocalyptic wasteland in one of these things, they want you to be as comfy as possible, which is why they've brought in some leather pros who'll redo the seats to match your favorite Bentley, Ferrari, or Lamborghini interiors.