The Custom R2-D2 VW Bus Is Out Just In Time For The Star Wars Reboot

Published On 05/19/2015 Published On 05/19/2015
R2D2 Bus
César Aguzzoli

In a mashup of two of our favorite things–tricked-out VW buses and R2-D2ed versions of everyday items–we bring you one of the best car mods in the galaxy: the R2D2 VW Bus

César Aguzzoli

The bus began its life as a 1992 VW Bus, or Kombi, as they're known in modder César Aguzzoli's native Brazil, and was in dire need of an upgrade. After a Star Wars movie marathon, a design plan began to formulate. Fortunately, it wasn't as a pod racer.

César Aguzzoli

Although it looks like a super-custom paint job, the design actually comes from hours of painstaking photoshop design and application of computer-printed vinyl stickers. 

César Aguzzoli

Aguzzoli nailed even the tiniest details of the droid design, from R2's legs above the wheels to the circuitry.

César Aguzzoli

This mod is definitely an eye-catcher. Best of all: Aguzzoli shared his design plans with the Internet, so if you have an old white bus of your own, all you have to do is follow the instructions found here and you're only steps away from an R2 unit of your own. 

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor who would definitely take a spin in a droid.



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