This Driving Simulator Is So Realistic It Could Break Your Wrists

Published On 05/18/2015 Published On 05/18/2015
CXC Motion II Pro
CXC Simulations

It's no news that CXC's driving simulators are realistic. Last time one of our writers tried one, he sweat in very realistic terror. CXC thought that simulator wasn't realistic enough, however, and enhanced the experience with a feedback steering system. The result? A simulator so strong and reactive, it could actually break your bones. 

As with the former version, the Motion Pro II captures the real sensation of race car driving—you'll be able to feel every pebble, bump, and turn of the road. The system is incredibly touch-sensitive and takes into account weight transfer in relation to the tires' adhesion to the track, the resistance of the wheel, and the torque experienced while looping around a track.

In designing the 2015 iteration, CXC consulted professional race car drivers to create an even more authentic racing experience, physical dangers included. Most significantly, the new model includes a steering wheel able to project high-speed energy so effectively, that with enough force, it could break your wrists. Hey, when they say real-life "simulator," they mean it. 

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