Funny name, serious tools

Whether you're a car guy with no space to play mechanic, or just someone who appreciates damn fine names for businesses, you'll rejoice at the arrival of Jack Junkies. Not a self-help group for lonely, lonely men (though technically it could fulfill that purpose), this fix-it-yourself garage was started by a guy who grew tired of his homeowners association pestering him about his hobby, and of the arm/leg/date-with-your-sister professional mechanics charge for even the simplest repairs.With almost 16,000sqft, 18 bays, and plenty of tool rentals, they'll also pass on their corporate discount on O'Reilly parts, and you can rent a tech, if you feel a job's too much for you, and can put up with Tuberville passive-aggressively criticizing your drinking. Check out our photos of the setup, and some super-excellent cars that belong to the building's owner -- one landlord that doesn't mind his tenants jacking around.