Danny DeVito on Cars, Producers, and Meatballs

"I'm a big car guy," the five-foot cauldron of comedic genius admits to us, before expanding on his initial thought: "Huuuuuuuge car guy."

We ran into Danny DeVito in a Chelsea warehouse at this posh event celebrating the life of Saul Zaentz, producer of a couple low budget indie flicks you might have heard of: Amadeaus, One Flew Over The Cookoo's Nest, and The English Patient. DeVito was in attendance to help announce Cadillac's "Make Your Mark" Contest, offering young filmmakers the chance to have their short film screened at the 2015 Oscars. 

"Hang on a second, hang on, hang on... HEY YOU, C'MERE!"

Danny motions his right wing in a hook-ish motion, flagging down a busboy carrying what looked to be a tray of meatballs.

"Yes sir, how may I help you?" offered the busboy.

"What the heck is this? What are those? What sort of hors d'oeurves are these?"  squawked DeVito.

"Meatballs with grated spaghetti, sir - would you like to tr—"

"NO! Are you kidding me? I'm Italian, from New Jersey, my Mother would crucify me if she found out I was eating that crap. Thanks anyways though."

"Sorry, where were we? Oh right... cars! I love cars - always have."  

After a light Q&A, it was revealed that until very recently, Danny DeVito had been always been a Cadillac man.

"What year was it, Jesus I can barely remember — when did Clinton get inaugurated? What was that, '92, '93? Whatever, that was the last time I bought a Caddy, I think it was an El Dorado, which I drove for almost two decades. Great car."

But the real question remained: What was Danny DeVito driving today? "I'll give you a hint," he said. "I haven't been to a gas station in 3 years."

An $80,000 Tesla Model S perhaps?

"Nope. Well, to be fair I think what Elon Musk is doing is really great. I think it's really terrific, and I think someday he will deliver an affordable all electric car for the people, which is what I drive today: a $26,000 Nissan Leaf, and I absolutely love it."

Having never been behind the wheel of one, we had to know if it was anything like driving a grownup golf cart.

"A bit, I'll be honest, but it's fast, it's safe, and really fun to drive. I can't wait 'till they figure out solar to power all of these things — that's the future."

Back on the subject of film production, we posited the scenario: If there was some bizarre evil doomsday device that wiped out all producers in the world tomorrow, and you had the ability to save only one who would go on to produce all films for the rest of time, who would that be?

"Easy: Scott Rudin [The Truman Show, Royal Tenenbaums, No Country For Old Men]. He's really... over the years, he's tried and true. I mean he's a member of the E.G.O.T. club. His name is always associated with good stuff. That's all we can hope to do in life, do really awesome stuff."


Ted Gushue is the Executive Editor of Supercompressor, and never realized just how tall he was 'till he had his photo taken next to Danny DeVito. Follow him to freedom @TedGushue.