All your cab problems solved

If you haven't heard about/lusted after cab-omatic service Uber before, you must've been living in a cave on the moon... which admittedly makes sense, as there's relatively little need for a taxi-hailing service there.Just now hitting Mile High & Boulder, Uber's an insanely simple app that'll let you summon its fleet of sweet, chauffeured rides (E-Class Benzes, Town Cars, Escalades, Navigators) by pressing just a single iPhone/Android button to pinpoint yourself on a map, then pay for said sweet ride without even opening your wallet. After geolocation, they'll give you an ETA that's typically within 5mins (disclaimer: it may be more like 10ish as they ramp up), and even calm your taxi-waiting jitters by showing you exactly where your car is on the map in real time (note: not in Real Time with Bill Maher, because who wants their app to be an arrogant a-hole whose moxie and logic you just can't help but respect??). Uber'll send you a text once your car arrives, and then auto-bill your account's credit card, calculating time/distance charges, and even auto-tipping, aka what robot rednecks will do to cyborg cows in the future.After the ride, let Uber know which chauffeurs to keep or dump by rating their drivers on criteria like their knowledge of the city, and -- seriously -- hygiene, though considering you've been squatting in that cave with your fingers jammed in your ears, who are you to talk?