Gratuitous Car Porn

19 Insanely Beautiful Supercars To Warm Up Your Wednesday

Marcel Lech isn't your ordinary automotive photographer. He's one of the best out there, as evidenced by the sheer number of clients he has lining up to have him shoot their remarkably stunning cars. So with the bone-chilling cold approaching, here are 19 of his very best wintry weather cars to get your adrenaline going.

For some reason, Lamborghini Aventadors always look great in snow, don't they?

Hot Bentley, cold night.

The all-wheel drive Ferrari FF is competent on and off the ice.

If you can think of a better way to spend the winter than driving a 900 hp hybrid like the McLaren P1, by all means do it.

Awesome thing #2078 about the Bape Aventador: V12s are wonderful for warming you up when it's cold outside.

There's nothing particularly winter about this, but it's a Tron-inspired Lamborghini, which is seriously cool.

If you don't spend your fall attacking rain-soaked backroads in a souped up 911, you're doing it wrong.

Say what you will about the Nissan GTR's electronic systems, but in the cold and wet conditions, you'll be glad you have them.

Hey, you spend a few hundred grand on a car, you can wrap it in whatever you want, y'know?

Do orange wheels on a slate grey Lambo remind anyone else of Halloween?

"Why yes, my Lamborghini is wearing a snakeskin coat. Nice of you to notice."

Fact: A naked Pagani Huayra is a hot Pagani Huayra.

Fact: Regardless of actual outside temperatures, you'll never notice the cold if you're on the inside of said Huayra.

This is how Jon Olsson goes skiing. Really.

Ok, so this isn't a supercar by any stretch. But it's sporting nearly two inches of wool as carpeting and an interior guaranteed to keep you warm and comfortable.

Ok, enough of the cold stuff. Veyron. Los Angeles. That's all you really need to know.

Perfection. Every weekend should be exactly this.

If an F40 doesn't warm you up, nothing will.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He's currently cold, but contemplating how suicidal it would be to attempt a run up Pike's Peak in January. He's guessing "very."