Auto Show product specialists get grilled

With their sleek lines, hard bodies, and soft interiors, the new models on display at the North American International Auto Show have been on everyone's mind, which is why prior to getting kicked out we fired off questions at them while they were standing next to the cars. Read on to hear a few choice thoughts on mopeds, pickup lines, and road trip essentials.CarmenMore prevalent at the auto show: pickup trucks, or pickup lines?C: I think pickup lines are always prevalent at the Auto Show…we don't have any trucks here, all I get are the pickup lines."If I weren't car modeling today, I'd be..." C: Hosting a video that I turned down. Which I'm not sure I should've done.Guys riding mopeds: foolish, or cool-ish?C: I'd say cool. I don't know if they'd get laid or not, but…they look cool.Megan & KellyName one thing you can't take a road trip without.M: I definitely can't be without my lip gloss, because you're always taking pictures.K: My eyelash groomer. A pair of flats to relieve yourself. And the last thing would be little heating bags to stay warm. [ed note: that is actually three things, but little heating bags sound like the most important]More prevalent at the auto show: pickup trucks, or pickup lines?K: We kind of hear the same pickup lines probably close to 100 times. Just yesterday, somebody said, "Now which one do I have to buy to get the models to come with us?", and one of the girls said, 'Well, let's start with all of them and see where we can go from there".Do you have an uncontrollable urge to pose seductively on the hood of a car whenever someone plays Whitesnake?M: You don't even have to play Whitesnake.