Deus Customs' New Bike "Pegasus" Is The Stuff Of Legend

Say hello to Pegasus, a Kawasaki W650-based cruiser built for a customer that wanted a "glow-in-the-dark presence." Yes, the latest masterpiece from Deus Customs may share a name with the famous winged horse from Greek mythology, but its design is actually based on the color scheme of the owner's black and white Camaro and seriously bright orange Honda race bike.

Like, whoa, ya know?

Uh, yeah. Mission accomplished with those rims. They're actually stainless steel numbers that've been powder coated in a shade of orange that, according to Deus, is "so intensely bright they can be seen from space."

Making the color pop even further is the extreme contrast: the engine and frame are both dripping in satin black that's deeper than the Mariana Trench. Of course, the ceramic-coated white exhaust only enhances the style. 

To get the shape just right, Deus grabbed the fuel tank from a Yamaha SR400, then added LED warning lights and an electronic speedometer. 

After getting the color scheme and basic shape down, the rest was relatively standard for Deus...which means it's better than the vast majority of what's out there. The entire rear section of the frame was built in-house, as was the hand-stitched leather seat and that gorgeous rear fender.

Does it live up to the legend of Pegasus?

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. It took him a while to realize this bike wasn't named after the neon red Mobil logo.

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