Deus Ex Machina’s Most Versatile Bike Kit Ever

Deus Ex Machina has just dropped its latest project, the Yamaha SR400-based Deus 400, available to order now as either the entire bike if you’re in Europe, or as a kit to make your own bike if you’re Stateside. It’s designed to be equal parts off-road, scrambler, and vintage Yamaha while allowing freedom to finish the details any way you see fit.

Pretty much every new part on the bike is handmade, except the new handlebars, which were custom-designed and created using a CNC machine, ensuring added strength.

The fuel tank is made from a single piece of aluminum—hand beat to perfection, then brushed—with just a bit of paint put down by Deus’s friends at Kaos Design.

The seat, meanwhile, is hand-stitched waterproof leather; given what the bike is built to do, this is probably a good thing.

Underneath, the bike’s breathing is enhanced via a partnership with SC Project for this beautifully simple exhaust.

At both the front and back, Deus is offering your choice of lights to both fit your own personal tastes and ensure the bike meets your local registration laws.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's thrilled to see an official partnership like this, and would love to see more.