Deus Turned A Modern Kawasaki Into A Vintage Triumph

Talk about a God from a machine. Deus Ex Machina’s latest creation is in some ways way more impressive than turning water into wine—they’ve just turned a modern Kawasaki into a retro Triumph. They’re calling it the Deus TT800 and it’s designed for cruising up and down the beaches of the Riviera.

Everything from the handlebars to the waterproof leather seat was planned accordingly. The design briefing was fairly simple, and left an obvious loophole for Deus to exploit: the buyer wanted a “new, old Triumph” which he could ride to and from the beach, but evidently didn’t specify that the bike had to be built using a Triumph.

The best shops pride themselves on creativity, and Deus is nothing if not one of the best shops in the world, so they turned to a late model Kawasaki W650 and dove so far into the process while souping up the motor that they machined whole swaths of metal out of the engine block. No one is saying what the current power is at the moment, but a rational person would certainly conclude that it’s more than enough power to safely use on the street. Or the beach.

To make the bike a better ride, Deus worked up a custom racing frame with plenty of structural support to handle the extra power—even over rough sand—then fitted it with nothing but top-notch suspension goodies.

To help get the bike to its mandated visual style, Deus fitted it with the striking classic Triumph exhaust you see running underneath the engine. Up top, they’ve finished it in an ultra-British green, with the end result being a bike that could be mistaken by a layman for a 1960s-era Triumph, but with plenty of modern performance. Not bad for a beach bike.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He'd love to have a beach bike like this, even though he lives about 10 hours the nearest beach.