Deus Customs Is Bringing Back The Sidecar

The eternal struggle of motorcyclists: whether or not having a sidecar makes your bike, typically the paragon of badassery, look completely ridiculous. It worked for Indiana Jones, but that was a long time ago, and come on, anything Indy touches is automatically cool by association. The motorcycle mod gods of Deus Ex Machina have put that concern to rest, at least for this bike: it's the XV950 D-Side, and you won't laugh at it—you'll want to ride it.  

The Italian build takes a stock Yamaha XV950 and tricks it out, raising the height of the seat, adding new aluminum front and rear fenders, a new exhaust system, and new six-piston brakes. 

The watercraft-inspired one-wheeled sidecar is aerodynamically designed to ensure a smooth ride. It features the same slick color and line scheme of the bike, along with a padded seat, an additional light, and, of course, a prominent Deus nameplate.

Check out this video for the story behind the build and watch the tandem carve up some Italian roads. If you're trying to double up this summer, get in touch with Deus here, since the bike can only be special-ordered. 

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. Unfortunately, he'd probably be the passenger in this setup.

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