Batman's Zombie-Killing Toyota Tundra

If you're searching for a truck with every possible ounce of Russian machismo but none of the (non) Russian reliability and poor build-quality you've come to dread, Devolro's taken care of you with their new Tundra. The Russian-oriented company actually has a studio in Miami and they've just dropped their new Line-X Edition Tundra. The long story short? You're not gonna hurt it.

Somehow this truck began life as a Toyota Tundra. The very first thing Devolro did with it was to fully dismantle it, which included removing the engine and all of the sound-deadening in the cab. Why? So they could send it off to Line-X, who promptly sprayed it—all of it, including the frame—in their rubberized truck bed coating.

Once Devolro got it back in one piece, they began slapping on just about everything they make. For instance, this super-heavy duty roof rack that comes with its own LED light bar.

Even the truck's bed hasn't been left out of the fray, with a spate of lights helping you find whatever you've misplaced in the darkness.

For additional off-road cred the truck was raised by an enormous six inches. The bottom line: not only does it look like it was built for hunting packs of zombies (it absolutely can hunt zombies), it can probably do just about everything else you'd expect it to.

They're willing to go in just about any direction you want, so if you want a 525 hp monster, or a show truck with a carbon fiber wrap, they'll do it. 

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and he would totally drive this truck on a zombie hunt.