The Air Force Made A Stealth Supercar

From time to time, the Air Force uses their own cars to throw down a gauntlet and demonstrate their superiority over the rest of the world without actually having to blow anyone up. Enter the Dodge Vapor, an all-black rolling testament to U.S. air superiority that's equipped with just about anything you could ever need, and a few extras just for fun.

The matte black finish actually absorbs radar, and is designed to emulate stealth planes like the F-117, and almost everything on the car serves a theoretical purpose. Like, giving you a strange attraction toward something made from sheet metal. The Lambo-style doors? Biometric access only. Basically this is a real-world, American Bond car.

This? It's just a 360-degree camera that's capable of seeing almost everything that could possibly be considered a threat...

...and it's used with the heads-up display that projects onto the windshield. Even cooler? An infrared thermal imaging camera is mounted up front so you can drive at night. Just look at the interior. Essentially, they converted what Sigourney Weaver drove in Aliens for use in Death Race 2000.

Who needs pedals? Average Sunday drivers might get a little lost, but that's ok, because this car's not for them.

No, these aren't really stinger missiles; they're actually there to power the ridiculous sound system.

Though, this might classify as a weapon depending on what you're listening to.

Even the wheels are slick: these carbon fiber covers both reduce drag and protect the brakes from attack — in the event you're attacked by really short enemies who can't reach the glass.

Normally, the car's pretty effing loud so it can come at you with some serious shock and awe, but it has what they're calling a "stealth mode" that basically reroutes the exhaust through a couple of mufflers to keep it as quiet as possible — very useful for sneaking up on assassins. Or an ex.