These Guys Turned Their Trucks Into Snowmobiles And You Can Too

Published On 02/18/2015 Published On 02/18/2015
american track trucks dominator

If you live in New England, or anywhere else where double-digit snow dumps are a seasonal reality, then you know what a difference winter tires can make when the roads are slick. But considering how little Mother Nature seems to be holding back these days, it may be worth investing in a set of next-level wheels.

Meet American Track Truck, whose Dominator snowmobile-style rubber track systems can be swapped in for tires on nearly all common passenger vehicles. Giddy up!

American Track Truck

In most cases, the set of four tracks install in about an hour, or significantly less time than it would probably take you to totally shovel out the driveway. They'll raise your ground clearance by roughly half a foot, and once they're on you'll be right up there with snowplows, cruising the streets in whiteout conditions without incident. 

American Track Truck

They also employ a self-cleaning system to ensure ice and mud won't accumulate as you're bouncing around the backroads like a boss. Just don't tell your actual boss you have them, or you might actually be expected to make it into the office during that next blizzard. 

Joe McGauley is a senior editor and satisfactory snow shoveler at Supercompressor.



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