Glorious Vintage Porsches With Modern Racing Guts

Based in Germany, DP Motorsports has spent over 40 years working with Porsches and helping drivers achieve the highest possible satisfaction from their pride and joy. There’s really not much they haven’t done over the years, but now they’re doing, well, pretty much everything in one gorgeous, seriously high performance package.

On the outside, they’ve replaced most of the body with fiberglass parts that are not only lighter, but more aerodynamically efficient as well—take a look at that mirror. A matte black finish in both the front and back adds a visual contrast to the lime green, blood orange, light yellow, or grey finish.

Step inside, and the leather steering wheel is the perfect window to a color-matched tachometer. The transmission? As it should be, you’ve got to use your feet. No exceptions.

Translation? It’s the kind of car you’re going to want to push to its limits. To make sure you do so as safely as possible, DP has added a fair amount of scaffolding, and painted it to match the exterior.

Power has been bumped up to 280 hp, and they’ve got optional packages to take it up to 325—more than enough to blast around the track.

The suspension’s been built to match: fully adjustable shocks and struts will help you tune the car to your personal driving style without disrupting ride quality.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He has used a car this extreme as a daily driver before, and can’t recommend it highly enough for anyone who doesn’t mind the scaffolding.