Drive a Ferrari. At 200 MPH. And Do It Blindfolded.

If you think you have what it takes to drive over 200 mph with a blindfold on (hint: cajones, it takes cajones), you should check out what the folks at Extreme Motorsport are up to. Later this summer they're inviting drivers (those 21 and older with clean driving records may apply) to hop in a race car blindfolded, and there's a very strong chance that whoever drives the fastest will be the new Guinness World Record holder for Fastest Blindfolded Driver, which is definitely a thing.

To help you reach the target speed they've procured a Ferrari 458 Italia race car from Rollcentre Racing Team and, to help you not fly off the course in a fiery death, they've enlisted the services of the original Stig whose rather important job will be to tell you when you're veering too far left or right.

And that'd be pretty easy to do, given the pavement's just a two mile-long runway in the middle of England (see above). While it may seem like plenty of room when you're going 80 on the Jersey turnpike, at 200 mph — don't forget you're blindfolded — that strip of asphalt becomes awfully narrow.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. If anyone wants to sponsor him, he's totally down for doing this.