Legally Crush Cars and Mobile Homes With This Tank

Yes, this is real. You can actually drive a tank over a car. Or two. Or...a freaking mobile home

Using old tanks bought at auctions—this Sherman is actually from an auction we featured earlier this year—Minnesota-based Drive a Tank is the only company to offer tanks to the public (legally). There are three main packages, from the $399 FV433 Abbott SPG package to a five-star three-tank $2,999 package that includes a complimentary car crushing.

You can bring up to two friends, for $45, but they can't drive. Maybe this is a good thing.

On its website, Drive a Tank writes, "Tanks are made for adults and we do have restrictions." You have to be at least 14 years-old and five feet tall. Kind of like Six Flags.

$3,495 will give you "a rare opportunity to make a big mess."

Of course, you're wondering, "Do I get to fire the big gun?" 

Unfortunately, the powers that be said they had to decommission the main gun. However, they'll let you shoot the Browning .50-cal—if you pay for it.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor of Supercompressor. He has not driven a tank, but has put 5,000 miles on a VW Golf. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.