Drive Like a Boss at the Master Maserati Driving Course

Published On 02/27/2015 Published On 02/27/2015
Master Maserati Driving Courses

You're in northern Italy. In a Maserati. Naturally, the best thing you can possibly do is hit the nearest race track, preferably one coated in water, with an ex-Formula One driver standing by to teach you the tricks of the trade.

Fortunately, Maserati just announced its  the 2015 Master Maserati Driving Courses. And they want to teach you to drive like a boss.


For the absolute beginner, there's the Master Warm Up. It starts with a tour of the factory, then progresses to basic techniques, like where to put your hands on the wheel (pro-tip: not 10 & 2) and where to look.


Then, there's the Master GT course. This one's more advanced, and actually includes analyzing your driving with telemetry. Plus, you get to play around on a sudsy and slippery course!


The Master Italian Lifestyle course is more about the overall experience of fine Italian goods. You get the aforementioned courses, then a lovely sightseeing tour of Florence and Parma, just for kicks.


Finally, there's the Master High Performance course where the lessons from the other courses come together, and you really get to put the car through its paces. It's individually tailored to your abilities, so even if you're a seasoned track vet, you'll definitely learn something.

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