Ferrari. You know Ferrari, possibly love Ferrari. So does Tinseltown. Over the years, enough Ferraris have been in Hollywood blockbusters that the silver screen really should be called the red screen. Nevertheless, some have stood out from the pack.

These are 17 of the most famous Ferraris from 17 of your favorite Hollywood hits.

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17. Testarossa, Rocky V

This one's actually a two-for-one, because there's also a beautiful 308 here. The Testarossa gets the nod since it's the Ferrari grand tourer of the '80s...even if is about to be towed off behind a Maserati.

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16. 360 Modena, Charlie's Angels

To be fair, when you've got Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu all playing action stars, any car can look hot. A modern classic of a Ferrari's all the hotter.

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15. Testarossa, A Night at the Roxbury

Admit it: your head's already instinctively bopping to the side, isn't it?

United Artists

14. 365 GTS/4 Daytona Spyder, Rain Man

Rain Man is quietly a great car guy film. Besides the obvious Buick that's central to the plot, it's the heartwarming tale of a guy who puts aside his business importing fine Italian sports cars, like this Daytona Spyder.


13. 348 Spider, Showgirls

Let's see here. A reasonably nice Ferrari in a movie where you get to see Elizabeth Berkeley's boobs and you learn how to correctly pronounce Ver-sayse? Can't go wrong there.

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12. F355 Spider, The Rock

"Hey man, you just f*cked up your Ferrari!"
"It's not mine."

Eon Productions

11. 355 GTS, Goldeneye

Deep down, you always knew Miss Onatopp was was going to be defeated, but it still would've been nice had the Ferrari led to a getaway, you know?

Universal Pictures

10. Mondial QV Cabriolet, Weird Science

There are precisely two kinds of people in this world. Those who wish for a Ferrari when a beautiful English woman in spandex materializes out of thin air to grant you your every wish, and those who wish for a Porsche. Choose wisely.

Warner Bros.

9. Mondial T Cabriolet, Vegas Vacation

On one hand, Christie Brinkley driving a convertible Ferrari down the highway's kinda tough to beat. On the other, it's not exactly the greatest Ferrari. Overall, it balances out.

Universal Pictures

8. Mondial T Cabriolet, Scent of a Woman

Is Al Pacino more interesting to look at than Christie Brinkley in a Ferrari? Of course not. He is, however, a much better actor, and the scene where he plays a blind man driving Ferrari for the first time is one for the ages.

Paramount Pictures

7. 308 GTS, Beverly Hills Cop II

"$2,000 for a suit, $200 for a tie, a requisition order for a Ferrari?!?" If the realization that cops can requisition Ferraris like this one didn't make you want to be a cop, you probably weren't a car guy growing up in the 1980s.

Silver Films

6. Testarossa, Roadhouse

The Testarossa might not have been in Roadhouse for long, but it's actually pretty important in terms of setting the plot of the movie. If not for the girl parking it in front of his club, you have no idea how nice of a place Dalton's working for—i.e. how high up the ladder he is.

Walt Disney Productions

5. 250 GT Berlinetta, The Love Bug

Somehow, there are people that think the star of this movie is an autonomous Volkswagen Beetle. That's absurd. Time basically freezes when the 250 GT makes its appearance. Want more proof? Put the original Herbie up for auction right now alongside a 250 GT Berlinetta, and let's see which one fetches more. Case closed.

Golden Harvest Company

4. 308 GTS, Cannonball Run

Half the Rat Pack (Sammy Davis, Jr. and Dean Martin) driving a Ferrari in an illegal race across the country in a movie that's loosely based on a real story? What's not to love?

Paramount Pictures

3. Ferrari 250 GTO, Vanilla Sky

Let's not shy away from this: if you destroy one of the world's most rare and valuable cars in an avoidable collision while you're driving it on the street, no one's going to have pity for you if your face is a little disfigured afterward.

Warner Bros.

2. 308 GTS, National Lampoon's Vacation

This is the Christie Brinkley-driving-a-Ferrari scene that matters. At least, it matters to every dad who's ever driven his family on a long road trip while secretly hoping every red car is actually Vacation in real life.

Paramount Pictures

1. 250 GT Spyder California, Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Come on. What did you really expect? The car's so integral to the movie, and the scene where it gets destroyed is so iconic that one of the best Ferraris ever made was essentially renamed "The Ferris Ferrari" in the public lexicon.

Ted Gushue is the executive editor for Supercompressor. He once saw Christie Brinkley in a Ferrari while in an Airstream...on a DVD.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He has never driven a Ferrari in a movie.



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